It’s been just over two years since I first truly fell in love with baking.  I mean, I’ve always been able to make chocolate chip cookies out of a tube, and I could make a box cake with the best of them, but once I started stepping outside my comfort zone—and quite literally working outside the box—I quickly realized that I was on to something!  

Since my first baking experiments, I’ve baked countless items:  cakes, cookies, bars, pastries, breads, you name it.  And I’m always trying to come up with new ideas for recipes.  Having both studied and worked in the sciences, I enjoy applying the scientific method to my baking.  I try something, then tweak the recipe a little, and try it again, and that cycle keeps repeating until I’m satisfied.  During the day, I work as a Physician Assistant, but the nights are when I break out my creative side.  Prior to the pandemic, I was involved in local community theatre productions, both as a performer and a choreographer.  So, when COVID hit, baking really became my creative outlet.

After a couple years of baking for friends, families, colleagues, and even strangers, I finally decided to take their advice and open a bakery.  I’m grateful for the support, and I’m excited to bring my baked goods to more people.  I find joy in watching others enjoy my bakes, so that’s what I want to keep on doing!

The Story Behind the Bakery Name:

I’ve been a dog lover since birth, and I always wanted a Basset Hound.  My husband and I are now proud dog parents to Maisy and Jovie, two of the most adorable, snuggly, sweet Basset Hounds you’ll ever meet.  They also love to eat, and when they do, they HOUND IT DOWN.  So, of course I had to name my bakery after them!